Ann’s intuition combined with her world class research skills enables her to quickly assess the issues impacting your health.
— JR, business executive
I was taking over 30 vitamin pills a day. Through her knowledge of general nutrition Ann helped me eliminate duplications and feel assured I was receiving the optimal amount for my body and lifestyle.
— Al, Executive and International Educator
Ann, your wisdom and kindness provided just the right touch to help me move forward with my life’ s work. Without your firm but gentle ‘push,’ I would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.
— SM, attorney, author, and songwriter
Living my life ‘alive’ to the truest part of my being has always been a dream. Ann has been instrumental in making that dream a reality through her focused guidance and amazing support.
— JL, artist and graphic designer
I am a calmer and more productive person after every moment I spend with Ann.
— MT, business executive
Ann has ignited a ‘spark’ in me! I am excited every day knowing I have created and can execute my goals. Ann provided great strategies and unique tools to establish my next steps, on my own!
— KZ, bookkeeper
Without the benefit of doing the work with you, I would be back to working for someone else. It was so important to take that step.
— JB, Entrepreneur
Ann is the person you want by your side when you need a second mind.
— LM, retired software executive
With Ann’ s help, life has a clarity I did not know existed.
— LL, entrepreneur and bookkeeper 
Ann has uncanny instincts and unconventional wisdom.
— JM, business consultant
Ann’s work helps you understand and embrace positive practices and increase your instinct/intuition more readily. If you do not step back, take a breath, and manage stress, you can get yourself in trouble. Her book was an excellent tool and reminder to ‘keep yourself in check.
— MS, REIT executive
I see the value of Roulac’s message. You can get a lot more accomplished with a lot less stress if you can manage your personal energy.
— MH, newspaper writer
I thought about what you said about being clearer... almost magically today I had several clients call—most repeats and one new referral...I was amazed!”
— DL, entrepreneur
Thank you for empowering and inspiring me to launch a new venture. Your guidance, insight, and strategies helped me achieve a 15-year goal.
— RG, transformational strategist
Ann has inspired me to define my purpose in life and choose the path that is in line with this purpose—the path where my passion lies. She has enabled me to see the relationship between all energy practices and helped me choose the ideal one for me.
— Learning Annex student