Personalized Coaching

A purposeful life powered by optimal health


 You have the power to live a full, rewarding, and productive life!


Living a healthy and purposeful life requires a comprehensive approach that answers all your important questions.

  • What stress management techniques work best for me?

  • How can I harness my intuition to make better life decisions?

  • Which relationships and activities energize and inspire me?

  • Which foods and environmental toxins are holding me back?

  • How can I exert a greater sense of control over my life?

  • How can I clarify my life’s purpose and feel more alive and fulfilled?

  • What are the tools I need to tackle daily challenges and setbacks?

  • How can I empower and energize my personal contribution to the world?


You will benefit from the knowledge I’ve gleaned from coaching, researching, and teaching condensed into exactly what works for you.


“…people who are most successful at achieving—and then maintaining—a healthy lifestyle, and who have the highest levels of vitality, resilience, and longevity, … have guides and mentors they turn to who give them the information and inspiration they need to adopt small, meaningful habits.”

— Frank Lipman, M.D., How To Be Well: The 6 Keys To A Happy and Healthy Life


Every day, you make choices.

You can create a life of health and vitality or you can succumb to a lifestyle of chronic disease, joint pain, back pain, and fuzzy thinking.

You decide the future you want.

In our current culture of fast-paced living and information overload, it is all too easy to get out of balance. I’ve learned from years of research, training, and consultations that our genes are not our destiny. There is an abundance of evidence that stress-related challenges and even chronic disease are not only preventable, but also reversible. You have total control over your level of health, vitality, and wellness. But when we deplete our inner resources, we compromise our ability to live optimally.

Now is the time to identify what areas of your life are draining you of energy, producing the greatest amount of stress or compromising your personal health. 

Get your personalized roadmap to better health and a better life.

All-day energy. Sharp focus. Balancing calm.

My Personalized Coaching programs are designed as three- or six-month commitments. Monthly sessions range from two to three sessions per month depending on your investment commitment. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated as you make small, simple changes that will transform your life.


All Personalized Coaching Programs include:

  • Health and Lifestyle Review

  • Hand-selected resources to support your lifestyle goals

  • Email support and motivation between sessions

  • Health & Wellness Goals (fillable template)

  • Life Vision Plan (fillable template)

  • My book, Power & Presence

  • My interactive e-Book, Create a Life of Purpose & Balance

Work with me and I’ll help you find your own solution—and bring you answers on your own journey.