Meet Ann Roulac

“My passion is to provide people with practical tools and life-changing strategies to transform their health and their life.”


About Ann

Ann Roulac is an award-winning author of Power, Passion & Purpose and How to Create the Life You Want.

She is a coauthor with Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, and Stephen Covey of Discover Your Inner Strength as well as a coauthor with Peter Senge, Michael Ray, and M. Scott Peck of Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business. Ann’s books have been published and distributed internationally.

A Message From Ann

“One of the most important reasons to discover your purpose is that unless you have a big enough reason to take action, you are unlikely to alter your lifestyle and choices to achieve lasting change and transformation.

What I’ve discovered over the years—in my own life as well as working with others—is that when we are disconnected from our soul’s purpose which is our source of power, we are given messages in the form of illnesses to remind us to take a break, heal, and get back on track.”


“When you live with power, passion and purpose you will transform your health and your life.”

—Ann Roulac
Catalyst + Coach

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Ann’s Background

As an award-winning author, speaker, and integrative wellness coach, Ann Roulac inspires and empowers people to transform their personal and professional lives.

For over 25 years, Ann has helped thousands of individuals live inspired lives through her award-winning books, training programs, and workshops.

Ann has witnessed firsthand how constant stress and lack of personal time can affect an individual’s health and well-being. She has held demanding positions in some of the world’s largest corporations. After years serving as a corporate executive, Ann founded her own consulting business to provide strategic and economic advice to financial institutions, family trusts, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. She has also worked for an organic food company, where she gained knowledge of the challenges and realities that impact our ability to access healthy food.

Ann has spent more than 35 years studying health, healing, and transformational systems, including more than 100 different wellness practices and dietary theories: Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics, yoga, Chi Gung, meditation, Reiki, and shamanic healing.  Ann has incorporated these wisdom practices into her personal wellness journey. Ann’s sense of adventure and study of indigenous cultures has led her to the jungles of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, the sacred temples of Bali, the mountain ranges of Bolivia, Nepal, and Peru, and the pyramids of Egypt.

Ann’s extensive research—including a program of study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with the world’s top health and wellness experts—has equipped her with cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition and disease prevention. Drawing on that expertise, she supports her clients to make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


 Endorsements & Reviews for Ann’s Books

“Ann Roulac offers a time-tested blueprint for working with energy to transform the body and all of one’s relationships.”

Michael Sky, author of The Power of Emotion

“Ann Roulac achieves ‘great kahuna’ status through her book Power, Passion, & Purpose. She delivers secrets to healthier, better-integrated living. All leaders will learn so much from it.”

–John Renesch, Business Visionary, Author of Getting to the Better Future

“This is a unique compilation of spiritual and practical information for those who seek to understand their unique source of power.”

–Marilyn McGuire, Nautilus Book Awards