Health and Lifestyle Review

Discover your health potential.


Are you putting yourself at risk for future health challenges?

Today’s modern lifestyle makes it difficult to choose the right foods, manage stress effectively, get enough sleep, find time to exercise, and juggle all the important obligations of our work, family, and social life. And many of us don’t—and don’t know how—which is why we’re quickly aging ourselves out of the life we want.


With so much conflicting advice in the media you may be over-worrying about your future health.   

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day to uncover the body, the energy, and the vitality you’re after. I can support you to identify the most important actions you can take to assure you will continue to experience optimal health. Even if you’re dealing with a health challenge it’s not too late to change your future.


 “Your genes do not define your destiny. Your choices do.

You can either create a life of chronic disease, limitations, and impaired thinking, or you can create a life of healthy vitality, focused energy, and a fulfilling life. It’s up to you—every single day.”

Ann Roulac, Catalyst + Coach


 As a highly skilled intuitive with over 30 years of wellness counseling and coaching, I can quickly identify the greatest risks to your health.  

During our one-hour Health & Lifestyle Review, I can support you to create a plan of action and feel confident that you’re making the best choices for your life and for your lifestyle.

Are you ready to get back on track and take control of your health?


…people who are most successful at achieving – and then maintaining – a healthy lifestyle, and who have the highest levels of vitality, resilience, and longevity, … have guides and mentors they turn to who give them the information and inspiration they need to adopt small, meaningful habits.

- How To Be Well: The 6 Keys To A Happy and Healthy Life, Frank Lipman, MD


The Health and Lifestyle Review Will Support You to Get Back on Track

The Health and Lifestyle Review is an opportunity to discover your current level of health and how you might be putting yourself at risk for future health challenges. Traditional health assessments are typically administered by individuals who lack a background in stress management; body wisdom; and food and toxins.

Our current level of health and lifestyle sets the tone for our future health span and life span. Learn what’s working —and what’s not—with an assessment that includes an integrative approach to every aspect of wellness, from nutrition to environment to emotional health. The Health and Lifestyle Review is an opportunity to make an honest, reflective assessment of your current health and lifestyle. 


  • Health and Lifestyle Review questionnaire

  • A full hour one-on-one session

If you’re ready to discover how you are putting your health at risk, take advantage of this opportunity.

Health & Lifestyle Review
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What Ann’s Clients Are Saying About Her Work

Ann’s intuition combined with her world class research skills enables her to quickly assess the issues impacting your health.
— JR, business executive
Ann not only knows about health, but her intuitive sense enables her to quickly and efficiently zero in on key issues that would not, on the surface, be obvious.
— PL, Entrepreneur
Ann’s work helps you understand and embrace positive practices and increase your instinct/intuition more readily. If you do not step back, take a breath, and manage stress, you can get yourself in trouble.
— MS, REIT executive

Why Health Coaching Works

By supporting real-world lifestyle and behavioral changes, IIN Health Coaches play a crucial part in health maintenance, disease prevention, and even disease reversal – supporting the concerted mission of all healthcare professionals to increase health and the quality of life.
— Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN)

Health coaches can provide the instruction, the tools, the information and the facilitation of behavior change that leads to the creation of health.
— Mark Hyman, MD, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine